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Hydrazine Hydrate

  • Hydrazine
  • 28251020
  • N2H4
  • Clear Liquid
  • 10217-52-4
  • Hydrazine
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  • Wastewater treatment

Brief overview

Hydrazine hydrate is represented as N2H4. It is a colorless, flammable liquid with an ammonia-like odor. Pure anhydrous hydrazine was first prepared by the Dutch chemist Lobry de Bruyn in 1895. Hydrazine hydrate is toxic and must be handled with extreme care. Potential routes of hydrazine hydrate entering our body are through skin, eyes, by inhaling and by ingestion.  Hydrazine is used in a wide range of industrial applications. It is used in the pharmaceutical industry, in agrochemicals, in fertilizers, in manufacturing polymer foams, and so on.  

Manufacturing process

  1. Peroxide process – Hydrazine hydrate can be produced using ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.


2NH3 + H2O2                                        H2NNH2 + 2H2O


  1. Chlorine-based reactions – Sodium hypochlorite and ammonia is mixed together to form hydrazine. The process is called Olin Raschig process.
  • Agrochemicals – Hydrazine hydrate is used in fungicides, pesticides, insecticides and other propellants that are used for mitigating agents that could destroy crops/plants.
  • Pharmaceuticals – It is used in the manufacture of several medicines and bioactive compounds like cefazolin, metribuzin, paclobutrazol etc.
  • Aviation – Hydrazine hydrate has been used as rocket fuel since World War II. It is used as a low power propellant to give thrust to the spacecraft.
  • Research purposes – Hydrazine is supposedly a good alternative for hydrogen in fuel cells. Hydrazine is being studied extensively in the field of electrochemistry.

Hydrazine Hydrate Suppliers - Tradeasia International

Tradeasia is fulfilling the needs of many international and national companies by offering premium quality of the raw chemicals, which is prepared by professionals. We are a leading Hydrazine Hydrate Suppliers that serve the purpose of many of our clients, at budget-friendly rates. Paired up with our comprehensive supply capability, We are one of the best Hydrazine Hydrate Suppliers based in South East Asia. Tradeasia International tends to make sure that the desired product is delivered within the given time frame without compromising on the quality at all.

What Makes Us Best Hydrazine Hydrate Suppliers

Driven by the idea of providing top-quality Hydrazine hydrate for our customers, we at Tradeasia International aim to organize and offer top-not hydrazine hydrate that widely used in several industries for different purposes such as:


  • In agriculture, as a fungicide, pesticide, insecticide to save crops/plants.

  • Medical, as agent for several medicines and bioactive compounds.

  • Fule industry, as rocket fuel and spacecraft.

  • Research purpose, in electrochemistry, as an alternative of hydrogen in the fuel cell.

  • In the production of gas producers and propellent, in place of bowling agent in airbags and onboard space vehicle respectively.

  • Agriculture chemicals, as an active agent in fungicide, insecticide, herbicide, miticides, nematicides and plant growth regulators.

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