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Hydrogen Peroxide (50%) - Bangladesh

Hydrogen Peroxide (50%) - Bangladesh in Tradeasia


Hydrogen peroxide

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Basic Info


Colourless Liquid

Common Names

Catalase Test, Oxydol, Perhydrol, Superoxol, Inter


30 kg jerrycan 20.40 MTS

Brief Overview

Hydrogen peroxide 50% is a clear liquid with a faintly pungent scent. It serves as a potent oxidizer, commonly applied in industrial water treatment for its capabilities in bleaching, sanitizing, and oxidizing. This solution is recognized for its robust oxidizing, bleaching, and antiseptic attributes.

Manufacturig Process

There are two main methods to produce H2Oas described below:

Method 1: Auto-oxidation of ethyl anthraquinones in a solvent such as toluene or ethylbenzene. The product ethyl anthraquinone is reduced by hydrogen over supported nickel or platinum catalyst to regenerate back the starting material, ethyl anthraquinone for continuous production of H2O2.

Method 2: Electrolytic conversion of aqueous sulfuric acid to peroxydisulfate followed by hydrolysis to H2O2. This is also known as the Weissenstein process.


Hydrogen peroxide 50% finds diverse industrial uses owing to its potent oxidizing, bleaching, and antiseptic characteristics. Some common applications include:

- Serving as a bleaching agent in the textile and paper industries.
- Acting as a source of both organic and inorganic peroxides.
- Playing a role in the pulp and paper industry.
- Contributing to the production of plasticizers.
- Used in the manufacturing of foam rubber.
- Serving as a chlorine substitute in water and sewage treatment.
- Functioning as a sterilizer and disinfectant in wastewater treatment.

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